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 Brain Injury Awareness Event in Chicago Area with The Cognitive FX Foundation

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Updated on 17 March, 2024
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Dr. Alina Fong

Brain Injury Awareness Event in Chicago Area with The Cognitive FX Foundation
The Cognitive FX Foundation is excited to present an afternoon about Brain Injury Awareness with TBI Survivor and Advocate Rekha Iyer. More Speakers include: Stephanie Kifowit, Illinois State Representative along with TBI Survivor, Amy Zellmer, Dr. Ryan Edwards and Dr. Lindsey Stull from the Dynamic Center for Vision Therapy, Chrys Chrysanthou the CEO of ClearEdge Brain Health Toolkit and Jash Desai.
Please joins us this Saturday, March 31, in Oak Brook, Illinois from 3-5 pm. Donations of $25 per person to attend are encouraged but not required.
RSVP Here 

This event will kickstart efforts to advance industry changing brain research, make treatment available to more people, and deliver to the masses the correct education to inspire impactful legislative changes.
“For too long, mTBI survivors and their families have suffered without sufficient treatment and community support for their cause. We are really looking forward to our Chicago event and everything it represents. What began with the amazing effort and initiative of one Cognitive FX patient (Rekha Iyer) has grown into the coming together of many other TBI survivors and those interested in bringing about real change," says the Cognitive FX Foundation. 

Rekha Iyer had two traumatic brain injuries during her sophomore year of high school, and she spent two years exploring various treatment options before she found full recovery at Cognitive FX. Iyer is now advocating for legislation that will provide further academic resources for students who have sustained a TBI.

The bipartisan legislation has been filled in the Illinois House and Senate with sponsorship from State Representative Stephanie Kifowit and Senator Mike Connelly.

Overall, this event will be educational, empowering, and influential in bringing about change for more support and understanding of brain injury.

If you are attending, RSVP on the Cognitive FX Facebook Event Here. For questions or more information please contact us here


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