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Employee Feature | Jessica Heath
Cognitive FX Team

By: Cognitive FX Team on November 17th, 2016

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Employee Feature | Jessica Heath

Cognitive FX News

Jessica Heath is a Neurological Occupational Therapist here at Cognitive FX.

Jessica received her degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Utah. Jessica has mostly worked with individuals that are recovering from stroke or brain injuries and brings a lot of experience and insight to patients throughout their week of EPIC Treatment. We asked Jessica to share her thoughts on what makes Cognitive FX an effective clinic for patient outcomes.

What Led You to Cognitive FX?

"I have been an occupational therapist (OT) for 11 years, with most of my experience in the neurological settings such as adult stroke and brain injury. I came to Cognitive FX because I love both the outpatient setting and the clientele here. The patients are highly motivated, positive, dynamic, and interesting people. I feel like they have enriched my life as much as I have helped them." 

What is your core focus of what we do here at Cognitive FX?

"We get the patients back to as normal a life as possible. As an Occupational Therapist, I assess and treat visual perception, attention, memory, and educate on good sleep practices. I also create a home program. I have always believed that meaningful activities are more therapeutic than rote exercises. So I identify hobbies, outdoor activities, games, and work that can treat specific deficits found on the fNCI."

How does what you do here contribute to treatment and outcomes?

"I hope my contribution helps the clients to not just improve during the week long EPIC treatment, but continue to improve after going back to their lives, by using the home exercise program, sleep hygiene, and referrals to other disciplines if needed."

What do you feel makes what we do here so valuable?

"There are two things make us different from any other concussion treatment facility:

1.       The fNCI. Having the functional NeuroCognitive Imaging makes all the difference. It helps the client become more self-aware of what basic brain skills may be contributing to their symptoms, and is also a guide for me as a therapist. The scanning technology is revolutionizing the way we see and understand the brain thanks to Dr. Allen and Dr. Fong. 

2.       The week long treatment schedule. Devoting an entire full week to treatment, instead of 2 or 3 appointments per week over several months makes us very unique. I believe the full, five-day treatment schedule is key to “resetting” the client’s brain, by balancing physical exercise, tailored cognitive exercise, quality rest, and lots of education. I know of no other facility that uses the weeklong model."