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Jarcam Sports and Cognitive FX Collaborate to Provide Better Treatment Options for Veterans Suffering from Head Injuries

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Updated on 24 March, 2024
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Dr. Alina Fong

Jarcam Sports and Cognitive FX Collaborate to Provide Better Treatment Options for Veterans Suffering from Head Injuries

For Immediate Release – April 3, 2017, Provo, UT

 Jarcam Sports met with Cognitive FX at Brain Injury Awareness Day in Washington, DC last month to collaborate on helping veterans get treatment for concussions/mTBI.

Jarcam Sports is a Sports Technology Company focusing on the progress of the student-athlete. The non-profit also works with veterans and helps them to excel and succeed with their goals and in life.

brain injury treatment for veterans“Jarcam Sports is excited to start this new venture with Cognitive FX.  As a non-profit, Jarcam Sports can help a multitude of student athletes and veterans with brain-related injuries. Jarcam’s collaboration with Cognitive FX works perfectly,” said James McCombs.

Cognitive FX focuses on brain injury rehabilitation, using innovating imaging technology and a unique treatment approach. They treat patients who sustained their injuries in different ways; including car accidents, sports injuries, and military related injuries.  They assist patients who are active military personnel and veterans too. 

This collaboration will open doors to helping veterans have the treatment and support they need in healing and recovery after a head injury or concussion. Jarcam Sports will be providing financial assistance, and Cognitive FX will give treatment at their facility in Utah. 

Dr. Alina Fong, Clinical Director of Cognitive FX, said, “I am honored to work with a man like James McCombs. He is putting the needs of others at the forefront of all he is doing. We are so grateful that he recognizes the value that Cognitive FX can bring to patients and veterans.” 

Cognitive FX went on to share how thankful they are for military personnel and US veterans and that they are looking forward to being part of the healing process helping veterans to have a better quality of life after treatment is complete.

To learn more about how Jarcam Sports can help you or a loved one you know, please contact James McCombs at 678-995-4607 or by email jarcamllc@gmail.com. You can also contact cognitive fx at 385-375-8590 or info@cognitivefxusa.com


Contact: James K. McCombs

Phone: 678-995-4607

Email: jarcamllc@gmail.com

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