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Active Rehabilitation Key to Successfully Recovering from Concussion

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Updated on 21 January, 2023
Medically Reviewed by

Dr. Alina Fong

Active Rehabilitation Key to Successfully Recovering from Concussion

For years the protocol has been to rest until symptoms stop, and that if you start participating in an activity and you experience symptoms to stop what you are doing and rest. In the first few weeks after initial injury, rest is important and can help prepare the brain to be active and function properly again, and for the majority of people they recover from their injury in this time frame. There are however a group of individuals (around 15% of those diagnosed with a concussion) where symptoms persist after a few weeks. Typically, the diagnosis is post-concussion syndrome. So when do you stop resting and start being active again? 

But many individuals are also told that the symptoms persisting will go away after time and to rest or that they have to work around these symptoms for the rest of their life accepting and coping with the symptoms.  

Cognitive FX has been researching the human brain and concussions for over 10 years. “As we have studied the brain we have not only learned how a normal brain should function but we have found neuromarkers that indicate deficits from concussion,” said Dr. Alina Fong, the Clinical Director of Cognitive FX.

Based on the concept of neuroplasticity, the ability to change how our brain functions, Cognitive FX uses fNCI technology to diagnose concussions and then to create a specific, active rehabilitation plan to improve functioning. EPIC Treatment is a week of intense physical, and mental exercises. With the clinical application of research, they have proven that we now have the ability to change and improve the brains functioning in a little under a week, and it begins with an active concussion rehabiliation approach. 

EPIC Treatment works with a complete multi-disciplinary team of specialists that understand individual’s unique injuries and their impairments. Their team understands precisely when to push the brain and when to rest the brain, which empowers individuals with a plan and the support to improve form lasting concussion symptoms. This concussion treatment truly focuses on pushing the limits and actively rehabilitating not only the body, but the mind and brain functioning as well.

SIS-ImprovementLooking over their patient’s outcomes 97% of their patients objectively show improvement by 40% or higher measured with the fNCI technology, and 84% of patients begin feeling significant symptom improvement within a week of treatment, or the week following treatment.

Helping patients improve from symptoms that many believed they would have to live with for the rest of their life, Cognitive FX is changing the dialogue around concussions, and their treatment. Rest is still very important but it is knowing when to stop resting and start acting, and what the limitations and boundaries need to be for each individual to recover as fully as possible. Active rehabilitation is a different approach but with their patients outcomes and history it is the key to recoving from concussion symptoms. 

When expressing why Cognitive FX takes a new approach to treatment Dr. Fong said, “Our research even surprised us at first, but we know and see with our research that the lasting symptoms of a concussion are not something an individual has to cope with and adjust to for the rest of their life. We have the ability to empower individuals to regain control of their life and live life on their terms. We started exploring new options when our research with fNCI technology changed the way we diagnose and understand concussions, and now hundreds of patients later we know that our approach is changing people lives, and how can we not help people get better when we know there is something that can help them.”

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