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Employee Feature - Amber Klepacz
Cognitive FX Team

By: Cognitive FX Team Last Updated: 24 January, 2019

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Alina Fong

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Employee Feature - Amber Klepacz

Cognitive FX News

Amber received her Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training from Brigham Young University in December of 2016. She is a certified and licensed athletic trainer. She also works at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, where she responds to and helps rehabilitate missionaries in training who hurt themselves during their recreation time. While she was a student at BYU, she participated in clinical rotations with local sites, including BYU’s football team, BYU’s softball team, and Provo High School’s athletics.

What led you to Cognitive FX?  

"When I first heard about CFX, I was skeptical; I believed there was no way that only one week of treatment could have such lasting improvement for patients. However, as soon as I visited the clinic I knew I was interested in learning more. I was intrigued by the active and involved treatment offered here and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. CFX has been the perfect opportunity for me to expand my knowledge of traumatic brain injury while contributing my own talents and skills to something worthwhile."

What is your core focus here at Cognitive FX?

"My focus here at CFX is trying to get our clients active again. So many of our clients love exercising and being active, and many of them have lost the ability to do those things they used to love because of their injuries. I want to help my clients return to being physically active, and help them gain confidence in their bodies again. Exercise and physical activity also goes hand in hand with the rest of our treatment here because they promote blood-flow to the brain which is essential to the healing process. Our sessions will also incorporate massage for those patients who suffer from physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, muscular pain and tension."

What do you feel makes what we do here so valuable?

"The EPIC Treatment is nothing like I’ve seen anywhere else. Previously, my experience with concussion treatment has been to limit your activities and just allow your brain time to heal. The method of treatment here is unique because it is so active and involved. CFX actually finds out what part of your brain is damaged and puts it to work for rehabilitation. Our team is a group of talented, nice, fun and friendly people who are dedicated to helping our patients to the very best of our abilities. There is a welcoming and accepting atmosphere here and we are all working together!"

Meet out team of specialists that work together for better concussion treatment outcomes

About Cognitive FX Team

The "Cognitive FX Team" is a collaborative ensemble of distinguished doctors, therapists, and practitioners. Our experts are pioneers in the field of neuroimaging and concussion treatment. With extensive experience and a strong commitment to patient care, our team excels in utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as functional MRI (fMRI), to provide personalized diagnostic and treatment strategies. Our renowned professionals have published groundbreaking research, developed innovative neuroimaging biomarkers, and conducted thousands of individualized patient assessments. We take pride in our holistic approach to patient care, focusing on physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of recovery. As leaders in the industry, the Cognitive FX Team is dedicated to advancing the science of concussion diagnosis and treatment to provide our patients with the highest level of care and support.

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