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NeuroVascular Coupling the Secret to Recovering from a Concussion
Cognitive FX Team

By: Cognitive FX Team Last Updated: January 21, 2023

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Alina Fong

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NeuroVascular Coupling the Secret to Recovering from a Concussion

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After decades of research, Cognitive FX, in collaboration with Notus Neuropsychological Imaging, found the secret to understanding and recovering from a concussion: NeuroVascular Coupling (NVC). NVC is essentially the connection between the neurons, the astrocyte, and the amount of oxygen, and other nutrients from our vascular supply (blood flow) in our brain.

This process is vital in understanding how to help individuals from mTBI and concussion fully recover. NVC is the key to unlocking revolutionary information about the brain, its functions and processes and our ability to not only diagnose but to treat the vast number of neurological injuries and diseases we still know so little about.


When the brain is damaged in an injury we see NVC dysfunction, with damage to the neurons, the astrocyte, and to the vascular supply.

Reestablishing NeuroVascular Coupling is the process of reconnecting the neurons with the astrocytes while correcting the regulation of the vascular supply. NVC restoration is reestablishing and correcting the processes ensuring that signals and nutrients are being sent correctly from the vascular supply to the astrocyte to the neuron. 

NVC has been shown to be effectively re-established in one week of EPIC Treatment. This concussion treatment protocol focuses on pushing, and resting the brain in timely and appropriate ways. NeuroVascular Coupling and Brain Plasticity tell us that an individual can change how the brain functions and they can continue to improve functioning and the brain’s abilities. Neurovascular Couling is the secret to recovering from a concussion. 

“This finding completely changes the way we should approach concussion rehabilitation. Also, knowing that we can largely restore neurovascular signaling in about a week for post-concussion syndrome gives hope for accelerated treatments for other neurological disorders that involve neurovascular uncoupling.” said Dr. Mark Allen, Research Director at Cognitive FX.

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