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Is a Concussion a Brain Injury?

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Updated on 24 January, 2019
Medically Reviewed by

Dr. Alina Fong

Is a Concussion a Brain Injury

As Susan A. Connors said, “No brain injury is too mild to ignore or too severe to lose hope, but all brain injuries – including concussion – should be taken seriously.” Yes. a concussion is considered a brain injury.  

Many may not realize a concussion is a brain injury because it is called "mild," but it is vital that we recognize that ANY damage to the brain is a brain injury. We take concussions very seriously here at Cognitive FX and we specialize in concussion treatment along with treatment for other neurological diseases. 

No matter how normal a person with a concussion may appear, a concussion can have significant impact on an individual’s life and their ability to function. We are finding that the right treatment protocols can bring improvement, even for individuals who have been diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome. 

Treatment for a Concussion or Brain Injury

Now, even though the brain is functioning better after EPIC Treatment and life is improving, this by no means erases the challenges that came before treatment. There will still be challenges as each patient adjusts to a new “normal,” a better “normal.”

Many of our patients express that our treatment program is nothing short of miraculous. Before treatment, many patients share concerns that our results may be coincidental or unrealistic.

With many years of research used to develop our approach to treatment, we want to reassure you we have built this program on the foundation of science and objective, measurable results. Because we know we have just begun to scratch the surface of understanding the human brain’s capabilities, we are committed to continually increasing our knowledge of the brain.

At the end of the day, we see patient after patient who has tried everything they could find elsewhere, with little or no improvement. However, by the end of EPIC treatment, they are finding and feeling significant changes. And these improvements are staying with them – long after treatment is complete. 

Every Concussion is a Brain Injury

Overall, we must acknowledge that every concussion is serious, so yes, a concussion is a brain injury. Day after day, we see and understand the impact a brain injury can have on an individual. This is particularly concerning when they are not getting the help and treatment they need after dealing with symptoms for so long. No one deserves to feel there is no hope to recover or enjoy life again. This is the reason we created our EPIC Treatment program: to help others get better in ways they previously believed impossible.

Cognitive FX offers complimentary consultations in our clinic and over the phone if you live out of the state of Utah. This consultation can help you better understand if EPIC Treatment could help you restore functioning and overcome the lasting effects of a concussion

More About Complimentary Consultations >

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