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The Just Right Challenge - When to Rest & When to Push Your Limits

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Updated on 21 January, 2023
Medically Reviewed by

Dr. Alina Fong

The Just Right Challenge - When to Rest & When to Push Your Limits

The Cognitive FX EPIC Treatment program is designed to help patients recover from a concussion in a week. 

Centered around the specific deficits and symptoms of each patient, this week is intense for the mind, brain, and body, and uniquely customized to each individual. We use standard modalities that have been amplified for our patient’s specific needs such as Neurological Occupational Therapy, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Vision Therapy, Brain Games, De-stimulation and more. 

Our team focuses on giving the “Just Right Challenge” to help our patients know when to push through an exercise or when to rest or slow down a bit. The “Just Right Challenge” is simple. As you start the day you work to get to your optimal activity level. We often try to push through the mental and or physical challenges. Instead of pushing through pain and symptoms to the point of crashing, we have you slow down or take a short break , with the goal to get back to your optimal activity level again. As you move forward with this challenge, the goal is to need and take fewer breaks. 

This challenge empowers our team to focus on helping each patient know when to keep pushing and when to back off. This not only improves productivity while decreasing symptoms, it also helps the patient understand their limitations, and learn when to push and when to rest. 

Life can be a little overwhelming. We encourage you to take the “Just Right Challenge”. Remember to take little breaks (10 minutes or less) before you run out of energy and crash. We typically have a lot to do, but if we take a few moments out of each day to relax and refocus, it can help us live in the moment and help us acheive more, and also do it without as much burn out. 

This challenege has helped patients accomplish tasks like going on a hike.

For example, they walk about 300 feet stop for a couple of minutes to catch their breath and then they walk 300 feet. Then they take a 2 minute break and then walk 500 feet. They coninue the cycle of take a 3 minute break then walk 400 feet.

Over time, and with practice, after treatment this patient is now able to hike for 5 -10 minutes and take a 1 minute break, with less breaks overtime, and more time hiking, more time being active.

The application of this challenge is limitless, as you begin to be more aware of your needs and also aware of when energy is running out you can figure out when to push yourself and when to take a rest. The ultimate goal is to not push yourself so hard that you have a major energy crash and need more time to rest than you spend doing activities. 

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