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Kathryn Severs BSN, RN

Kathryn ‘Kaydee’ Severs is a Registered Nurse. She started her nursing career serving in the US Army Reserves as a combat medic. During her time in the Army she was certified as a Emergency Medical Technician and a Licensed Practice Nurse. Kaydee worked as an LPN in California, Utah, and Colorado and continued her serve her country in the Army Reserve. In 2005 she was deployed to Germany to work in the ICU at Landstuhl Regional Medial Center. This is where she met her husband Eric. He was active duty in the Air Force. Since then they have been stationed in Colorado, Utah, and Mississippi. Eric went on two more deployments and Kaydee continued her schooling to receive her RN. Their greatest achievement are their four amazing children. As an RN Kaydee has worked as an ER nurse in Colorado Springs and at the University of Utah. In Mississippi she worked as a pediatric nurse for medically fragile children. Kaydee is excited to be a part of the health care team at Cognitive FX. She has had many friends and family who have suffered from TBI’s and it pained her knowing she couldn’t ease their symptoms. This amazing program and the staff have given her the tools and training to help do just that!