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How Cognitive FX Got Started
Cognitive FX Team

By: Cognitive FX Team Last Updated: 24 January, 2019

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Alina Fong

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How Cognitive FX Got Started

Cognitive FX News  |  Post Concussion Treatment

Long before Cognitive FX was created, Dr. Mark Allen, PhD, and Dr. Alina Fong, PhD began searching for a greater understanding of the brain. Their focus has been on how the brain works and how each region of the brain contributes to functionality. As they began searching for answers, they began to understand how the brain functions, and its subtle but powerful abilities. Over time after collecting a wealth of data, they established a strong foundation of what a normal brain should function like and created an objective scale where we can measure where individuals should be for optimal brain functioning.

Clinical Application of fNCI Begins

After years researching and applying the technology of fMRI and adapting it they started a company with key partners called Notus, which provided the technology known as Notus Functional NeuroCognitive Imaging or fNCI. Notus started applying this technology in the clinical setting as interest grew in the community. This technology is now used in military hospitals, clinics, private hospitals, and more. Clinicians see that fNCI is useful as a diagnostic tool to understand what is happening with their patients in ways they could not understand before. fNCI inspects over 60 distinct regions of the brain. For example, physicians can better understand a complex brain injury by understanding which brain regions are not working instead of using a one word summary "concussion".

fNCI Used as a Forensic Tool in Court 

After several years, interest in the legal community began to grow. fNCI technology is now used as a forensic tool that not only justifies the severity of injuries, but can help clarify causation in some cases. It helps to better understand the level of damage from the injury. This technology also helps to justify the cost of treatment and care for the injuries to resolve.

The Beginning of Cognitive FX

As this technology was applied in these new ways, Notus began to explore treatment options with a group of multidisciplinary doctors. To begin with, we were hoping we could find a treatment protocol that would be effective within 3-6 months. We thought that if this shorter treatment could resolve persistent issues that have been known to never resolve, it would be revolutionary. It would help empower thousands of individuals that have been dealing with symptoms and pain for so long.

In June of 2011, initial tests were done with Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, UT. We tried a variety of treatment protocols, and we saw some interesting results. Over the next few years, with many trial patients, we realized that the ability to change the function in the brain was something we could change faster than 3 months.

fNCI technology gave us insight to functional problems so we can target specific treatments to balance brain function. Because of neuroplasticity and our treatment protocol we can create and re-establish the best pathways for brain functioning in about a week.

Concussion Treatment Outcomes and Research Evoles 

At first, we didn’t believe it ourselves, and with more research we have seen that the results of EPIC treatment are very effective. The results spoke for themselves, and that is what helped us know we could help people get better in a week. We also realized that we needed to offer and share this treatment with others. Our recent longitudinal studies show the results are lasting and impactful for individuals long term.

Cognitive FX in Provo, UT opened in fall of 2014 (a subsidiary of Notus) with the goal to help individuals world-wide to recover from concussions (mTBI). As of June 2016, longitudinal studies show results well within the normal range of brain function still in effect around 8.5 months after EPIC treatment. We will continue to look at lasting results, but we are confident that improvement with EPIC Treatment is lasting and impactful in meaningful ways.


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The "Cognitive FX Team" is a collaborative ensemble of distinguished doctors, therapists, and practitioners. Our experts are pioneers in the field of neuroimaging and concussion treatment. With extensive experience and a strong commitment to patient care, our team excels in utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as functional MRI (fMRI), to provide personalized diagnostic and treatment strategies. Our renowned professionals have published groundbreaking research, developed innovative neuroimaging biomarkers, and conducted thousands of individualized patient assessments. We take pride in our holistic approach to patient care, focusing on physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of recovery. As leaders in the industry, the Cognitive FX Team is dedicated to advancing the science of concussion diagnosis and treatment to provide our patients with the highest level of care and support.

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