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Awareness & Concussion Recovery
Cognitive FX Team

By: Cognitive FX Team Last Updated: 23 January, 2023

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Alina Fong

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Awareness & Concussion Recovery

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By Britany Prijatel - Cognitive FX Sports Psychology Consultant 

What is Awareness?

Awareness is defined as having knowledge, or being in the state or condition of being conscious of your surroundings. This concept can be applied to many different subjects, but awareness is an important part of understanding a concussion and your recovery process. It takes awareness to facilitate change, even if it is changing a mindset. 

Time for a Change?

Bringing awareness to your current situation and how it has impacted you will only help you assess how to move forward. With awareness, you promote the ability to educate and create a change in your life for the better. Awareness is an important part of concussion recovery.

Sometimes as a result of an injury, you may feel stuck with the symptoms and the way you have to adapt in response to them. While this adaption may keep you stable, that may mean being stuck with a life you do not enjoy. Possibility and change is out there, but more importantly having awareness and truly recognizing that your life doesn’t have to be or stay the way it is forever, is crucial for a change.

Three questions to ask yourself when thinking about making a change:

  1. What specific changes have you noticed that have made your life difficult and/or challenging?
  1. How have these symptoms or struggles from your injury or concussion affected your quality of life?
  1. How much longer do you want to continue feeling the way you feel?

When answering these questions, we always encourage people to have this conversation with someone you trust in your situation. It is typical to try to answer these questions on your own however that can be more stressful, and when you look at the answers with a different point of view it can change how you see the answers.

With a new perspective, and answers to these questions, using awareness as a tool for change, you are empowered to make some choices. If a loved one was in your shoes, would you allow them to continue to live in that state of being? If you answer no, then it is important to recognize that you also deserve to make changes in your life, for a better life, and you can get help.

As you go through this process, this not only raises your level of awareness, but can empower you to seek support and help as you begin to make changes in your life, and as you face concussion recovery. This also gives you permission to reject the life that you do not want and get back on track to creating a life that you do want. As you shift your awareness, and focus on making subtle changes or even big changes you can improve your situation.

Awareness & the Path to Concussion Recovery 

The conversation around concussion recovery and treatment options can be limited and rather hopeless. At Cognitive FX, we take a new unique approach to concussion recovery and treatment. We have demonstrated that we can help an individual create significant improvements with their symptoms and functionality in a week of EPIC Treatment.

We know there is hope and healing for those who have been dealing with the symptoms and challenges of a concussion, even years after an injury. Awareness is an important part of what we do here during treatment. Not only awareness of your symptoms and your functioning abilities, but also an understanding that you can get better as you come with a positive approach to make a change and to rebuild your life on your terms. You can recover from a concussion and we are here to help.

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About Cognitive FX Team

The "Cognitive FX Team" is a collaborative ensemble of distinguished doctors, therapists, and practitioners. Our experts are pioneers in the field of neuroimaging and concussion treatment. With extensive experience and a strong commitment to patient care, our team excels in utilizing cutting-edge technologies, such as functional MRI (fMRI), to provide personalized diagnostic and treatment strategies. Our renowned professionals have published groundbreaking research, developed innovative neuroimaging biomarkers, and conducted thousands of individualized patient assessments. We take pride in our holistic approach to patient care, focusing on physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of recovery. As leaders in the industry, the Cognitive FX Team is dedicated to advancing the science of concussion diagnosis and treatment to provide our patients with the highest level of care and support.

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